Samstag, 20. Februar 2010

Versteckte Quicktime X-Einstellungen: Autoplay, u.a.

QuickTime X Hidden Prefs (Disable the Rounded Corners and more)
To set any of these, go to terminal and enter in the code for whichever preference you want to set. Remember, to reset the setting to its default value, just change the "1" at the end to a "0" (or vice versa).

Autoplay movies on open:
defaults write MGPlayMovieOnOpen 1

Disable rounded corners:
defaults write MGCinematicWindowDebugForceNoRoundedCorners 1

Never show titlebar/controller:
defaults write MGUIVisibilityNeverAutoshow 1

Always show titlebar/controller:
defaults write MGUIVisibilityNeverAutohide 1

Never show the titlebar:
defaults write MGCinematicWindowDebugForceNoTitlebar 1

Automatically show subtitles and closed captioning on open
defaults write MGEnableCCAndSubtitlesOnOpen 1

Keep playing full-screen even when you command-tab out of QT
defaults write MGFullScreenExitOnAppSwitch 0

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